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National Council of Extractivist Populations – CNS
The National Council of Extractivist Populations was founded in October of 1985, during the First National Assembly of Rubbertappers, in Brasilia. Its foundation was the result of the plight of rubbertappers against land disappropriation  and forest devastation. The empates, manifestations against loggers and land invaders, were developed by the Rural Workers Union (STR), particularly by the one located in the town of Xapuri, presided by Chico Mendes. Since 2009, after the Second Congress of Extractive Populations of the Amazon and the 8th National Assembly took place, in Belém, more than 800 extractive leaderships of nine states of the Amazon approved the change in the organization’s name to National Council for Extractivist Populations and its abbreviation to CNS.

CNS is an organization of national standing which represents agroextractivist workers organized within organizations, coops or unions. Its deliberative council is formed by 27 leaderships of different agroextractivist segments from all Amazonian states. They are rubbertappers, nut harvesters, açaí collectors, Babaçu coconut mashers, Balata and Piaçaba pickers. All members of agroforest projects as well as extractors of medicinal plants and oils, among other modalities.

Chico Mendes Memorial – MCM
The Chico Mendes Memorial (MCM) was created on the 12th of July, 11996 by the National Council of Extractivist Populations (CNS), with the objective to divulge, at a national and international level, the ideas and struggle of Chico Mendes as well as to support agroextractivist communities in Brazil. On the 4th of May of 1997, the organization was officially registered and became a legal entity. MCM  is a private nonprofit legally standing association, qualified as OSCIP by Brazilian law, with its headquarters and main assembly in Manaus, AM.

MCM is an entity that provides technical assistance to extractivist social movements and has its mission the defense of the environment, the preservation of Chico Mendes’ ideas, legacy and struggle as well as the promotion of sustainable development in extractive communities of the Amazon and other regions of Brazil. The focus of its initiatives is to support organizational stregthening among Peoples of the Forest by way of executing demonstrative local projects and influence on regional and national public policy.