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The project “Strengthening of Extractivist Communities of Sustainable Use Conservation (UCUS), of Extractivist Settlment Projects (PAEs) and of Sustainable Development Projects (PDS) located in the Amazon Biome” works through three dimensions:

– The first is to broaden the participation of communities in the management of extractivisist economy in sustainable use conservation units, in PAEs and PDS;

– The second seeks to map extractivist production and that of organizations affiliated to CNS (National Rubbertapper Council), to elaborate and follow up on projects;

– The third seeks to stregthen extractivist production following supervision, adequation, implementation and transference of social tecnologies and training.

1 – To strengthen the participation of communities in the management of extractivist economy, in sustinable use conservation units, em PAEs and PDS, the Chico Mendes Memorial will hold the following activities:

  • Surveying of the organizational situation of the extractivist communities making clear the existence of a formal organization and of its judicial situation.
  • Surveying of the projects executed by such organizations and the needs to regulate their execution, when necessary.
  • Surveying of the training needs of the entitites that compose the extractivist organizations.
  • Surveying of the criative processes and/or broadening of other processes referring to the Sustainable Use Conservation Units.
  • Advisory to leaderships due their participation in forums in which CNS have a seat, or in events in which CNS is invited.
  • Advisory to CNS in defining and negotiating technical assistance and rural extension services (ATER), tailored for and necessary to extractivism.
  • Advisory to CNS and to FBB (Bank of Brasil Foundation) to prepare the establishment of the Regional Sustinable Development Agents Porgram (ADRS) as a way to support technical assistance given to extractivists, if decided thusly.
  • Training of CNS teams by way of internal seminars and management practices assimilated into the day-to-day activities, with monitoring realized by the Chico Mendes Memorial.

2 – Extractivist production has its own dynamics, with low exposure due to the fact that its products are sold with other labels, such as those of Family Agriculture, Artesanal Fishing, Handicrafts, Nonlogging products, etc. A survey will be conducted by a community associated to CNS, of the current situation of different chains of production, with the objective of reaching an overall view of each one of them in the context of the Amazon biome.

As a result of these studies, demands and bottlenecks will be shown, on behalf of some communities and to help them there will be a need to elaborate specific projects. The next step will be to prepare five (5) projects with funds of the present proposal; in case the demand is to great other projects will elaborated, including the costs of preparing and follow up on the project itself.

3 – The activities connected to the strengthening of extractivist production will be developed by way of six (seis) territories which work with extractivist products, as seen in the following chart:


State Municipality Territory Economic Activity
Acre Sena Madureira  Cazumbá Reserve Rubber and Brazil nuts
Amapá Mazagão and Laranjal do Jari  Rio Cajari Reserve Brazil nuts
Rondônia Porto Velho Lago de Cuniã Reserve Fish and alligator
Pará Santarém-Aveiro Tapajós-Arapiuns Reserve Nuts and fish
Pará Gurupá and Melgaço Gurupá/Melgaço Reserve Wood, açaí and rubber
Pará Breves Mapuá Reserve Açaí

This territories hold a population of 7,537 families, totaling more than 37 thousand people. This project is supported by the Bank of Brasil Foundation since 2012.